I am your Mary Poppins of change solutions.

how can I help?

I am a professionally certified coach (PCC) with over 20 years of administrative and people management experience, and have worked with senior management teams in local government, non-profit and private industry. I have over 700 hours of coaching and change support in organizations and as a personal coach. I can help if you:

  • Know changes need to be made in your firm or organization but not sure where to start

  • Are trying to move new projects and initiatives forward but unsure of how to engage people and do it effectively

  • Need leadership coaching, people development and change leadership assistance

  • Have workforce capacity or recruitment needs or

  • Need help with increasing engagement and creating a healthier workplace culture.


I am sometimes hired by a firm owner/leader and sometimes brought in by an HR professional, but the work I do is the same - we work together to:

  • identify what currently works or needs changing

  • define potential solutions that align with the organization's mission, vision and values

  • identify opportunities, obstacles and stumbling blocks

  • create a plan to move forward and 

  • implement and take action


so you can initiate meaningful change for positive impact and sustained success, professionally and/or organizationally.

In short, I become your partner and coach on whatever changes you have identified as wanting to make and your short and long-term success is our common goal.


I am at my most effective when you and I are working together to create change, systemically and structurally. As with Ms. Poppins, my work is done when you feel you can handle it from hereon.  Working myself out of a job may not be an optimal business model but it is the best measure of your successful outcome that I can come up with!


why MadronaWorks?

You will often spot beautiful Arbutus/Madrona trees on the side of precarious cliffs, gracefully and resiliently managing challenging terrain to grow towards the sun. That is what I am always doing as a coach and change partner ... helping you gracefully manage challenges and opportunities as you define what you are reaching towards. Helping you be resilient. Helping you be nimble. Personally, professionally and organizationally.

Madrona trees shed their bark and you will often see the new beautiful, soft green, pink and golden layer of wood coming through. Coaching and change is an intimate journey. Coaching asks people to shed things that no longer serve them and try on new ways of being ... to try things and experiences that take them towards their vision. To shed the old and allow for the uncomfortable, vulnerability of new ways of doing this. To grow into what is envisioned.

Let's Do This.

"I sincerely recommend Maria as a personal or professional coach if you care about bringing out the best in yourself and the people around you, while at the same time clarifying your vision.  


I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Maria …

she is the type of person that makes our world a better place."

MadronaWorks Coaching