To seize or not to seize ...

Opportunities are seductive. Be they experiences, things or people, they pop up out of the blue and catch my attention. They whisper possibility and potential and relatively quickly, I can be captivated by the beautiful story I've made up in my head, or by the worry that I will not get this opportunity again and I should seize and hold on tight to this one.

It took me a long time to realize that my life was a bit like the whack-a-mole game at the annual summer fair. That game where you are given a big mallet and you whack the fuzzy brown moles that pop up and you get points and prizes for your quick reaction. I can't remember what prompted the thought but I realized that my whole life to that point had been based on and defined by the opportunities that had popped up (or not) in my life. The boy who wanted to date me, the school that accepted my application, the organization that didn't hire me and the one that did, the man who asked me to marry him ... my life had evolved based on what other people saw in me, wanted me to be or gave to me. I may have had vague plans but they were often replaced by what was offered and open to me. I did not believe I could and therefore accepted what was. I did not know I had the power and the gifts to create whatever I wanted. I did not know I could say no ... or yes, but on my terms.

It took me years to understand that opportunities ARE full of possibility and potential ... but the possibility and potential has to fit me. And it is only in knowing who I truly am and what I need to be happy, that I can choose to either seize the opportunity because it is a place of growth and learning for me or like a shiny, beautiful balloon, let it float away. To learn to not seize opportunity from a place of fear and lack but rather from the faith of trusting I will manifest the right opportunity for me ... as you will for you.

I can't wait to see what will float in ...


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