Organizational services

coaching, culture and systems change, transformational events

Create positive change with your people, projects, processes and events. Strategic and value aligned. Systematic and structural change that sticks. Nice. 

I have over 20 years of administrative and people management, organizational event coordination experience, and working with senior management teams in local government, non-profit and private industry. I am also a professionally certified coach (PCC) and have over 700 hours of coaching experience in organizations and as a personal coach. I can help you with:

  • People engagement and development, change management, coaching and mentoring;

  • Project and program management and last but not definitely least,

  • Organizational event management.

While seemingly different, I maintain that people, project and event management are all just different means to the same end ... all are about creating the structure and framework to ensure satisfied people, successful outcomes and if done well, create sustainable value and meaningful change.  Excellent administration and management is the backbone of cool ideas and good works.  Excellent events are the new connections ~ people to people, ideas to ideas - that create change and growth and excellent and excellent people engagement and development are critical to the sustained success of anything and everything. Happy, satisfied people is always the only and best outcome.

Why work with me? I start with asking you what success looks like so your vision informs the planning and guides the process of the project. I manage and coordinate the project details, with a constant balancing of the big picture and the tiniest of details to ensure a successful outcome. My aim is always to provide more than what you expected, better than you thought possible. In short, I am here to help and be part of your success team.


“The impact that Maria has had on our organization is monumental. She was able to implement strategies and structures to help our team navigate through obstacles that had seemed impossible to overcome. Her positive energy and compassion allowed her to be a catalyst in building trust with members of our team and effecting significant change in our organization in a short period of time."​​

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