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"I sought coaching from Maria after a promotion generated myriad professional challenges and anxieties I had never before experienced. I started from a place of overwhelm and paralyzing fear of failure. Maria created a safe, supportive space allowing me to unpack the challenges and opportunities before me. After just a few months of reflection and self inquiry, I regained my sense of self-esteem and developed a clearer vision of myself as a leader. I am now working from a place of confidence, balance and empowerment. Maria is a wonderful person and fantastic coach."

- Anonymous, BC, Canada

"Maria unexpectedly landed in my life at a time when I was frozen. I knew I had to take action to achieve certain professional goals for myself but couldn’t seem to make the leap from my head to taking a step. It was all too scary. Suppose it didn’t work? With gentle, insistent nudging, Maria guided me through the process. I felt so empowered! But best of all, I gained a sense of peace and security in knowing that it was perfectly alright if things didn’t pan out exactly as I envisioned. I learned we all have the tools to take the lemons and make lemonade and most importantly, I gained the acceptance that my differences to my peers are not a failure or flaw. They are simply that: differences. And that’s OK. I will always think of Maria with love and gratitude."

- Nancy, BC, Canada

"I worked with Maria over several months; her coaching was invaluable to me and my focus to visualize and improve my future. I sincerely recommend Maria as a professional or personal coach if you care about bringing out the best in yourself and the people around you, while at the same time clarifying your vision.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Maria … she is the type of person that makes our world a better place."

- Anonymous, BC, Canada

"Maria was instrumental in establishing the process and reputation of the coaching pilot program. I whole-heartedly recommend utilizing Maria in a personal coaching situation for individual or team issues. " 

- Mike Pellant, Former Director of HR, City of Richmond

"Maria is amazing. She was able to quickly grasp understanding of my work situation and using very few words, enlightened me to realign my values, enabling me to be more efficient and dedicated to my work. It was a tremendous help to me and made me feel a lot better about myself and my work than I had in a long time!"

- Anonymous, ON, Canada

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